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How to make money dumpster diving and garbage picking

How To Make Money Dumpster Diving and Garbage Picking, do you know that dumpster diving picking is the best process to make your trash a valuable thing, yes you heard it right, you make lot of money from your trash, in this article today we will share how you can make money from dumpster diving and garbage picking


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How to make money dumpster diving and garbage picking
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How to make money dumpster diving and garbage picking – There is a lot of work to do and earn money from them. But everyone cannot do every work to make money. Everyone chooses the different work to do and makes money from it. However, they need to do work according to their need or situation. However, one of them is garbage picking. Many people think that this is not good work and also this work makes them cheap. Even though this is not true, this work is good as well because everyone is not financially strong that they can handle their expenditures or can fulfill all their requirements with ease.

With garbage picking, one can make money with ease. Because you can go in the morning on the road and the places where people put all their old items or items that are garbage for them. You can go there and find out various things that will be helpful for you as well as you can sell them and get the amount from them like you will get books, furniture, radio, many electronic items, and many other things. So, garbage picking is not worthless and one can make money from it as well.

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If you are one of them who do garbage picking and dumpster diving and want to make a lot of money from this, then you can read this article continues. Because here you will get many tips on how you can make money from it and which ways you can choose to make money fast from this work. So, let’s continue and read and get help by knowing how to make money dumpster diving and garbage picking.

How to Make Money Garbage Picking and Dumpster Diving tips and tricks

Some of you may enjoy the garbage day a lot. Garbage day was an adventure when you are in your childhood. It may be that you and your brother or siblings roamed in the streets and poked through trash to pull out some good stuff. You may do it before the trucks came and took all the stuff away. So, in this way, you may bring many things and some freakin frugal items including a good-conditioned bicycle, a radio, books, and many other valuable items. These things and items may offer you a good sum of amount.

Now as an adult, it may be the situation that your garbage picking and dumpster diving forays are less frequent but it may be that still you earn a good amount of profit from this. It is possible if you have salvaged and sold chairs, tables, tools, boxes of floor tiles, scrap metal, and more such things.

Many of you may like treasure hunting and here also in dumpster diving, you need this aspect while going through the trash. Some of you may also be like that who are not ready to crawl inside those dumpsters. So, if this is the case still then you can make money just by picking some easy trash that is available easily.

Now the question is how much could you make if you commit to it?

How to make money online from home for free

There is a one-person named Matt Malone who is considered a Pro dumpster diver. This is considered as an example and if you follow him then you make a lot of money by doing this work and even one thing that may delight you is that you can work only part-time in this and makes thousands of dollars easily. You can do this in your extra time means opting for part-time because Matt Malone has a six-figure day job and got high-end items and products from the retail stores of Austin and the Texas area and they throughout some of the high-end products as trash. You may also be the one like Matt Malone if you opt for this work and you could make up to $250,000 in a year if you worked at it as full-time. So, it’s a great opportunity just grasp it.

After knowing all this whether you hope to make it a permanent living or just want to do to have some fun then you have the following a certain guide to get into it. Some examples are mentioned below that will guide you and help you in making money from dumpster diving and garbage picking means which includes all the dumpster diving tips and tricks. If you want that all things will work in your favor then just develop your mind into the mode of treasure hunting as it will surely help you in getting good products from the trash. So, here are a few examples of things that have been found in the garbage. So, follow these things:

  • $1 Million Lottery Ticket – Found in the trash by Edward St. John (he gave $140,000 of it to a family that claimed to have originally bought the ticket)
  • “New Moon” Script – Casey Ray found the “Twilight” sequel script in a garbage can in Hollywood, while the movie was still being made
  • Plutonium – Enough for a bomb was found by workers cleaning up a garbage dump
  • $1 Million Painting – Found in the garbage by Elizabeth Gibson while taking her morning walk
  • $100,000 Cash – Found by highway workers while cleaning up roadside trash
  • Wedding Ring – Recovered from a New Jersey dump
  • $45,000 Drawing – By artist Delacroix; found in the trash and returned to the Louvre in Paris
  • Freedom Tower Blueprints – A homeless man discovered the confidential blueprints in a trash can
  • Important Laptop – Found in trash complete with secret emails used to prosecute a Goldman Sachs trader for mortgage-securities fraud


The occasional “big score” is also like the same ones which are listed above and it is great if it happens, but for consistency in finding useful items from waste, you need a proper strategy that will help you in gaining more. You can try several possibilities but if you use proper strategy and a specialized approach then it makes sense and through this, you can earn a good amount. So, if you want to know about different strategies or dumpster diving tips and tricks then give this document a further read and find enclosed all the possible strategies for finding useful trash.


Stooping is one of the best ways to earn money. Now the question is what is stopping? So, here is the answer. A “stopper” is a person who collects horse race tickets from the garbage and the ground. It means stopping refers to the collection of waste horse race tickets. During the horse race, a lot of people accidentally throw away winning tickets regularly. There is one person named Jesus Leonardo who stopping at racetracks in New York. This example is given to motivate you. There are some rules that you have to follow before earning from these tickets including you have to scan the tickets through the scanner to check their validity. By this you may earn about $45,000 which lies in the winning tickets means an annual total of almost $500,000 that you could easily make over the years.

Garbage Dump Scavenging

Sometimes you are not allowed to dig for treasures at every garbage dump but there is a situation and solution for you that will help you in searching. There is one person who got permission from the watchman at a dump. So, if you also can take permission then this will work in your favor. If your primary target was scrap metal from which you can make a good living as metal offers you a good amount. So, to collect metal items you have to take permission from the watchman.

If you live in a rural area then you may not have to take permission from anyone as you can check any informal garbage dumps. Here, you need one thing as your priority which is related to your health. So, before checking garbage dumps get your tetanus shot and be careful.

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Dorm Dumpster Diving

If you want to earn a good amount as a side income then dorm dumpster diving is the best option. There is a one-person named Martin Gregory who says, “I am a professional scavenger and entrepreneur making a living selling curbside garbage.” One strategy that is used by Martin Gregory is to search the trash just as students are moving out of their university dorms. This is a strategy followed by this person. You may also follow the same to earn more and more money. A recent foray was needed by Martin “a working MacBook Pro, iPad, and a couple of valuable perfumes” and the currency as well. So, to earn all these things give this strategy a try. It will surely work in your favor.

Curbside Garbage Picking Or Curbside Junkies Dumpster Diving

Curb-side garbage picking is one of the easiest and simplest ways of earning money. This curbside junkies dumpster diving is perhaps simple but less profitable as compared to others. In this, you can use garbage day as an exercise day. The curbside means where you can reach easily to collect trash. In this strategy, for collecting curbside junkies you only have to take a walk and cherry-pick a few valuable items as while walking you may pass through people’s trash. You don’t have to go anywhere for a special reason as while walking you can collect trash.

Often, if an item is larger or has some value then people will set it on top of or next to their trash container, and in this case, people essentially invite you to take their trash. Otherwise, if people don’t call you then you may have to open the lid and peek inside, which brings a good amount of money to you.

Scavenging From the Famous

To earn a good amount of money you can opt for scavenging from famous people as this is considered a great strategy by a lot of people. One of the famous examples is mentioned here. You can motivate yourself with that example and may ready yourself for earning a side income. One person named Mac Robertson worked for famous artist Francis Bacon as an electrician in the 1970s. Mac salvaged various valuable things from Bacon’s garbage and some of these items are painting, letters, photographs, and many other items and these items are freakin frugal. Most importantly Mac collects these items with full permission which is given by Bacon. If you salvage these types of times then you may earn a good amount in 2007 Mac auctioned some of these items or treasures for 965,490 euros, which at that time was equal to $1.5 million. So, $1.5 million is such a big amount.

Therefore, if you also want to earn money then give it a try. This certainly suggests good profit potential just by digging into the trash of famous people. So, search this in your locality and if you can find the famous people then you may earn a sufficient amount easily.

Store Dumpster Diving

Store dumpster diving is also a good option. As mentioned, digging through the dumpsters behind the stores is what works for Matt Malone. Here, you are free to try various types of stores for digging and one more thing you can try different stores on different days to see when the best stuff is thrown and out and where. Just by searching on different days, you can get the best stuff easily.

According to a recent report, there is one thing that CVS regularly throws out foods that haven’t expired. So, you can use it in your favor.

Cleanup Day Scavenging

Cleanup day scavenging is one of the best options and strategies to earn a good amount as a side hustle. There are various people and salvagers available all around who focus on the cleanup days which are held in communities across the country. In various places, there are different ways to collect waste. So, there is one place named Michigan which is a small town, and every year there is a spring cleanup happens. In this place, you could put just about anything which is out of the curb for pickup. One more thing that you must know about this place is that every year a small army of scavengers would appear and come there with their trucks and trailers. The main reason for their coming is to pick the valuable items through the treasures.

One another example of cleanup day scavenging like Michigan town is a cleanup week in Winnetka. This Winnetka town is located near Chicago. This town has been in the highlights and the news because of all the scavengers that descend on the town each year.

You can easily find these types of events as these types of events are always organized from time to time and in every area. You can search for these events easily through online platforms. Just Google “spring cleanup” a few dozen times and don’t forget to add the name of a nearby city to each search because in every area these types of events are organized to collect treasure from the trash.

With the help of this strategy sometimes you will get many large items and sometimes you came across low-value items such as furniture and old bicycles mean freakin frugal items. So, this means for the collection of such types of items you may need a truck or van, or trailer. It also means that you have to drive around which means by doing this you can burn up a lot of gas.

There is one similar strategy available to find an event where people bring their trash to a designated location. Some people lived for a couple of years in the same town and in that place, most of the people did their annual cleanup only in this way. So, the basic criteria are all the residents could bring anything that is garbage according to them and it would be tossed into one of the waiting garbage trucks and compactors.

At the designated collection point there was a man who pulled aside all the bicycles. So, here with this, you usually got 60 to 80 of them and after fixing all that, you may sell them out of your front yard for $10 to $100 each.

Here, in this strategy, the obvious advantage is that you don’t have to drive around means everywhere. Unfortunately, not all the garbage departments will let you pick through the things that people bring to the collection area. Therefore, this will help you in saving money and time and through this, you may be able to earn a lot of money which will help you in your future dealings.

Ways to Make Money from Dumpster Diving and Garbage Picking

Now you came across all the possible ways of getting treasure from trash. You must know the legal things which are attached to the salvaging. There are two sites available in the market that will help you in guiding over all the legal formalities. These sites are and These sites have in-depth posts on the legal issues that are involved in n salvaging things from garbage. So, if you make up your mind about doing this business and want to become a dumpster diver then it’s worth reading them as this will help you in earning good and safe money.

I will do anything for money right now & Money given away

Here, Consumerist explains one thing that might be important for you. It explains that in the case of “California v. Greenwood” the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that people should not have any expectations regarding privacy once they throw something in the garbage. They also stated one more thing the police don’t need a search warrant to search in the trash. One more argument has been provided regarding the legality of garbage picking. So, you must know these things before getting into it.

The things that are mentioned above all apply to garbage put out for collection, and does not give you the right to trespass. If there is a dumpster near your building, for example, it must be or is more of a grey area. If you are unable to get to it easily and you need to climb a fence to get to it then it means you are trespassing.

There is a situation where you don’t know the right track and you feel you are in the gray area. Here, gray area means which comes under the area of law and you are not allowed to be in that area. So, if you are not in the gray area then you might need to be at least quiet and unobtrusive. If somebody asks you to leave then you should do so immediately otherwise you may be punishable. says that the police sometimes pick the ticket garbage pickers for littering which you can avoid by keeping it neat and trying to not throw stuff out of a dumpster. Sometimes even police knew to arrest the ticket garbage pickers for their disorderly conduct. This happens because garbage pickers block a sidewalk of the road or refuse to leave a place when asked to do so.

Finding Organization

So, after picking up the right strategy and after knowing about all the legal and nonlegal terms and conditions the third step is preparation and organization. Here, if you going to pick any serious junk or garbage then you may need a space to keep all the things aside and to store your findings. So, in this case, a corner of a basement or garbage should work for you. So, you need a space where you can store all your findings.

For your uniform, you may need or want tough clothes that might not be getting dirty like old jeans and a sweatshirt. Sometimes you may be around the type of people who stares at you like you are not looking proper in your uniform. So to avoid this thing you may need a pair of sunglasses and a hat in your junk-picking wardrobe to disguise yourself. These two things will surely help you in facing the people and society.

If you want to learn more about the dumpster trash that may be useful to you then learn values so you don’t pass up any good finds and this will add to your earnings. There is one website named Craigslist. You can check Craigslist to see what other people are paying for various items. Carry a card listing current scrap metal prices. Therefore by doing this you can quickly determine which things are worth for you and increase your earnings while digging out from that dumpster.

If you want to know more about all the strategies and want to keep yourself motivated then do one thing just visit a scrap metal forum regularly and one more the dumpster diving thread on Reddit. These will surely help you in deciding on your strategy and organization.

Selling Your Trash for Treasures

Now after the step of preparation and organizing there is one more and last step (Selling your treasures) that you should follow in this dumpster diving. So, to turn that trash into a treasure you need to sell it in the market at good prices. Here, in this document, some of the best options are attached and these all are according to the type and stuff that you find in the trash. So, follow these and grasp a good amount.

  • Craigslist.- Furniture and other large items
  • Antique Stores – Old furniture and collectibles
  • Consignment Clothing Stores – Brand-name clothing in good condition
  • Pawn Shops – Guns, tools, movies
  • Rummage Sales – Everything you can’t sell in other ways
  • Gazelle – Electronics
  • BookScouter – Used books (especially textbooks)

If you find an item that is less common from the trashes then you need to find the right buyer to get the best price for that product or item. To get a good price firstly you have to recognize the right value of the item that you have only then you can get a good amount.

For example, you may find 55 unopened bags of golf tees in the trash and now you want to sell them. You might have sold them for three or four at a rummage sale for a dollar each. So, to get a good amount for the golf tees there is a golf supply stall at the local flea market. If you go to that market for selling then you may get a good price for these. You may be able to sell them all at once for $40. So, always try to sell your items in a specialized market because this will offer you the best price.

How to make money dumpster diving(salary earned with dumpster diving

Dumpster diving can be a great way to spend less money on groceries, but it doesn’t end there. Dumpster diving is looking for treasure in someone else’s trash means a lot of stuff is put outside with the trash and it’s quite feasible to make an extra buck with that. So, by using dumpster diving you can earn a lot of money that may help you in fulfilling your necessities. In this article, all the possible ways are explained and discussed that will help you in making money from dumpster diving. So, just give it a read till the end and earn an extra buck or a good amount of dumpster diving salary.

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Perfectly good items

In dumpster diving sometimes you may get perfectly good items as well. This one is the most obvious way to come across perfectly usable items. In this, you may collect trash from large commercial, residential, industrial, and construction areas. When you are going through the residential trash then you may find items such as a Bluetooth headset and a kick scooter right in the package. You may also come across other various items like furniture and it may be in mint conditions. Sometimes for the bigger items, you are going to need a vehicle to pick them up. So, if you want to make money desperately then try this out. Through this method, you may be able to earn a good amount as a side buck.

Sometimes you even earn a lot of money and come across actual money. Most of the time, the money you earn with this may be not much, money that feels into the couch, some cents left in a plant jar, or if you are luckier some bills left in a bag. It’s nice to find but it’s rare, so don’t count on this.


If you are a kind of handy person for example, with wood and fabric products you are very choosy and you have an eye that only captures beauty then you are the one who can go for items that are in a less than optimal condition. Here, optimal condition means the product requires only a bit of paint and some extra screws that can help in the improvement of the product’s condition and the product can often turn from trash to treasure. So, refurbishments of dumpsters are important to get a good dumpster divingsalary.

Dumpster diving metal

Sometimes in the dumpster, you may find metal items as well and the metal items can easily help you in making a quick and good amount of dollars. It means here you are lucky enough if you can find stuff in the trash like silver, gold, or even platinum. These metal items offer you a great amount and you have to go to the jewelry store to know about their actual market price. Some other metals are more common and easily available in the trash. These metals include copper, iron, and aluminum. Aluminum mainly includes cans. These metals may carry less value as compared to silver, gold, and platinum but more commonly those are found in the trash. You can easily earn cash with them as these are easily turned into cash at recycling centers.

You can also find copper wiring inside the old TVs and other electrical appliances. You have to remember one thing; you must be extra careful while opening up the TVs and while opening you must know what you are doing. In this case, Kitchen appliances are a better and safer bet.

In this field, market prices of the products can vary heavily and at a large level over months. So, here if you have space to store the stuff and you do not need money right now then wait till the prices rise in the market. So, to earn more profit just hold your products until the prices are right in the market.

Be Connected on social Platforms

If you are competing with the other dumpster divers then you have to keep one thing in your mind it’s best to keep a good relationship with everyone. It will surely work in your favor. In the long run, it pays off to share (some) information and goods. Sometimes others might have a great find and give you some of that as well.

In dumpster diving, it is also considered a very smart move if you leave the areas that you frequently explore for gathering products that are of better quality and condition than before. One more thing doesn’t make a mess, always try to remain friendly with the folks because they might even have some good metals in their basement area that they may want to dispose of and through which you can get a good amount.

How much do dumpster divers make?

Now many of you think that how much you can make from dumpster diving. So, dumpster divers make between 0 to a lot of money which means it’s not defined how much you can make because it’s really hard to give a good answer for this. In this, your income is fully dependent upon the product that you have found in the trash.

Frequently Asked Questions

 If you are the one who has many questions in your mind about garbage picking and dumpster diving then you did not need to think about them anymore, because there are various questions and answers given that can help you to resolve your queries. So continue and read them out and get help from them.

What is the best time to dumpster dive?

The best time to dumpster dive is early in the morning means right after sunrise because in the morning fewer employees are all around and at these hoursthe roads are free and nobody is there to interrupt you. Mostly all the garbage stores throw out their daily waste and old foodstuff in the morning. So, it is easy to find the better stuff in the morning.

Can you dumpster dive in California?

Dumpster diving is often scorned as this is unsafe and unsanitary work but according to the 1988 rules and regulations of the Supreme court, dumpster diving is legal in California but if the diverse do trespassing or littering then they can be arrested by authorities or may charge with high penalties.

Is dumpster diving illegal in all 50 states?

To know the answer to this question you can check local laws for “Garbage Ordinances.”
Yes, dumpster diving is technically legal in all 50 states. According to the data of one case, dumpster diving is considered legal. In 1988, there was a Supreme Court case that ruled searching trash is legal as long as it does not conflict with any city, country, or state ordinances. (The case was about “The state of California vs. Greenwood).

How do you become a dumpster diver?

You may become a dumpster diver if you follow the 10 tips for Dumpster Diving success:
Play the numbers game.
Go to the source.
Get in and look around.
Manage your fear.
Bring the supplies you need and be prepared.
Focus on middle and upper-income areas.
Go with a friend if you can.
Don’t let locks fool you.

Is it illegal to dumpster dive in the US?

Yes as mentioned above, Dumpster diving is technically legal in all 50 states as long as it does not conflict with any city, country, or state ordinances. It completely becomes the public domain when a trash bag is sitting on the curb waiting to be picked up by a waste removal company as every morning waste removal company is coming up to pick up the trash bags.


Hopefully, you get a full idea about dumpster diving and garbage picking from this document as it contains a complete process in the form of steps that are required to start and manage this business. This document contains all the possible strategies for where you get treasure from the trash and you can use them according to your convenience and ability. So, if you want to earn a good living as a side income then this business is the best. You can do this business along with your full-time work as well. So, give this business a try if you want to earn a good amount of money.


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