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Philanthropists Giving Away Free Money to low income

Are you a low income and suffering with financial issues? do you know about free money given away sources? if no, Here in this article we are sharing the best way that is Philanthropists Giving Away Free Money to low income


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Philanthropists Giving Away Free Money to low income
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Philanthropists Giving Money Away to those need help – is anyone giving away free money, do millionaires really give away money? On the earth, billions of people are living, and they all have different natures and personalities. Some people have lots of money and some people don’t have enough money they can buy one bread piece for themselves. Every person has different financial status and they live a different life from each other.

But it does not mean that rich people did not help poor people or that poor people did not get help from other people. Everyone is connected in some ways. However, many philanthropists are also present in society. They give away their money to people who need help. They organize different programs so that needy people come there and get help from those programs. However, these programs can be for offering financial help, shelter, food, jobs, vehicles, or any other thing.

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If you also need help then you can look for those philanthropic programs and also who offer help to needy people. So that you will contact them via their program or their website and ask for help from them. In this article, you are going to read about various philanthropists or billionaires and millionaires who come forward to help needy people. To get help from them, you have to read out the complete article and get helpful information to contact them and get help from their money giving away program.

Philanthropists Giving Away Money

Many Philanthropists are giving away money to help those people who have need. There are lots of people have need money, People do anything for money. And if you are facing a financial problem or you have a need with your finances then there is no one and nothing can stop you from asking millionaires and also billionaires for help. Because many millionaires are helped by needy people who have genuine needs. There are many people such as Warren Buffet and Bill Gates who have pledged entire wealth to help those people who have genuine needs. You can contact millionaires through the websites. If you have a genuine reason or problem then there is no harm you can contact philanthropists giving away money. If you need cash now and you want an alternative to paying day loans then is option is worth considering. And they are always ready to help those people who have genuine needs. You can ask them without any harm and you must make a good relationship with them.

Millionaires Who Donate to Good Causes

There are many most popular millionaires who have donated to good causes. Oprah Winfrey is the richest woman in the United States. She is the host of a talk show and also runs a foundation Angel Network. Oprah Winfrey has given over fifty million dollars to help those people who have genuine needs. And Ellen DeGeneres is also the richest woman and one of the best celebrities. She is a stand-up comedian, an actress, and a television host and she is also the host of the Ellen DeGeneres show. She is given away money to the people who have need. Ellen has also given free cars and houses. And even she is giving financial assistance to individuals who need cash now. They both help the people who have genuine needs.

list of philanthropists who help individuals

There are many philanthropists that they want to give away money to needy people. If you want to contact these millionaires and billionaires then you need to do some research about them. But you have to research them step by step. Your first step is you can find out the millionaires giving money away. Then you can get all the information from the Forbes Rich list on the website which now also contains Forbes 400 Philanthropist list. Every millionaire is shown the list on their own website you can check out and find all the information. And once you have to find the top ten millionaires who are giving their money away when you have a genuine need. And you can find all the foundations and charities also that they are running and make a note of the contact all details.

Is there any millionaires giving away money?

Now know about the billionaires who are known for giving money away. The most generous is among America’s richest billionaires give away and it is more than 10% of their fortunes. Many billionaires in the United States are doing their own different. Some of them are doing their own best to give away all of it or at least as they can while they are still alive.

There are plenty of wealthy people who don’t think give away enough. And on the other end of that spectrum are people like Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife Mackenzie Scott, a newbie to the billionaire class who has established herself as the most generous person in the post-COVID-19 world. And this article shines a light on people like her, Bill and Melinda Gates, and many others who are giving back.

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffet is an American investor and philanthropist. Mackenzie Scott is the new kid in town who has everybody in the billionaire club in their eye. Warren Buffett, however, has been there for a long time, and when it comes to giving money away and there is no close second to the Oracle of Omaha. Buffet has offloaded nearly $41 billion throughout his long and storied career as the boss of Berkshire Hathaway.  And they’re a lot of that is funneled through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with billions more worth of stock going to philanthropic foundations it is established by his children and late wife. And along with Bill Gates, Buffett launched the giving pledge in 2010 and the ultimates rich givers club.

MacKenzie Scott

Mackenzie Scott is an American novelist and philanthropist. Mackenzie Scott’s $5.83 billion in lifetime giving is not particularly impressive compared to the likes of Warren Buffett, but he has been a zillionaire forever. But Scott has only joined the world’s richest billionaires upon finalizing her divorce from Jeff Bezos in 2019. During the short time between then and now and she has out-donated every other billionaire by a mile. She gave out more grants in six months than the Gates foundation awards in a year and the Gate Foundation is like the Walmart of philanthropy. When the Black Lives Matter protest erupted in the summer o 2020, Scott gave almost $1.7 billion to 119 racial and social justice organizations. In December of the same year, she announced she had donated about $4.2 billion to nearly 400 organizations across all 50 states. Mackenzie Scott donated different dollars every year. And he donated dollars to many organizations in many states.

George Soros

On the other hand, George Soros is one of the rare lopsided billionaires who has given away more than he has kept. He is worth about $8.6 billion but he has donated almost double that amount about $16.8 billion in lifetime giving. He is focused on racial justice and social change. Even Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have given away $10 billion to charity. But both Gates and Buffett have also managed to hang onto more than $100 billion each.

Bill and Melinda Gates

Bill and Melinda Gates do not give away money for personal health he is hold the distinction of helming the largest private charitable foundation in the world. It is best for all the people in the world not only a few people. Even Warren Buffett has given away money more of his personal wealth. And Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is after all so much of Buffett’s money. Like so many others it is transformed into grants that are ready for distribution to organizations on the ground. Every year Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gives about $5 billion in grants. And Gateses also themselves have given away nearly $30 billion of their own money. They also help to COVID-19 many people. Even they shifted the foundation’s priorities toward COVID-19 suppression and relief.

Donald Bren

Donald Bren is America’s richest real estate mogul. Donald Bren has their own company and through his Irvine Company he has owned 115 million square feet of real estate and it is including 125 apartment complexes and 550 office buildings but it is mostly in Southern California. He gives help to flooded people who have to need graduation and conversations both. And he gave $240 million to the SoCal schools and universities which are in the neighborhood of his empire. His company has donated 50,000 acres of protected parkland over the years.

Geoge Kaiser

It is the most exclusive and generous group that Forbes recognizes. In 2020, Forbes listed George Kaiser among a tiny silver of billionaires who gave away 20% of their fortune and more. He and his family started an oil empire in the 1960s and made a fortune and gave the fortune away. And he also donated a fortune consisting of about $1.3 billion which Kaiser distributed through his family Foundation. And his philanthropy focuses mostly on early childhood education but he is also given more than $100 million to revitalize the arts district in Tulsa, Oklahoma, alone. And he helps many people in different cities. During COVID-19 his foundation delivered hundreds of thousands of meals in the many cities.

Micheal and Susan Dell

Micheal and Susan Dell help the people in various ways like treatment, research, and development. The Micheal and Susan Dell Foundation has contributed $100 million during the pandemic and $80 million to healthcare support and also $20 million to COVID-19 treatment research and development. And also give them $100 million over 10 years to help lower-income students to improve their graduation rates at the University of Taxes at Austin. When Michael is 19 years old he found one of the most important computer companies in history. And together has donated $2.25 billion. It is such a huge amount. Before this Michael Dell started selling computers out of his dorm room.

Charles Feeney

Chunk Feeney also gave away more of his fortune like George Soros. And it is hard to imagine that anyone has donated themselves when into a worse financial position. And he launched the giving while living pledge which inspired Gates and Buffett to create the Giving Pledge. And after giving away $8 billion nearly half of which went to education and Feeney has less than 2 million left it is believing.

Michael Bloomberg

The Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is one of the world’s biggest givers and Forbes has estimated he is donated more than $11 billion over the years. Like Soros, Bloomberg is a politically divisive figure. A lifelong Democrat, Bloomberg switched his party affiliation to Republican than to Independent, then back to Democrat. And his most passionate charitable causes are climate change and gun control are as polarizing as he is but he also donated $1 billion to tobacco cessation, $100 million to historically Black medical school scholarships, and $300 million to COVID-19 relief.

Lynn and Stacy Schusterman

Lynn is the wife and Stacy Schusterman is the daughter of the late magnate Charles Schusterman and they are used to run their philanthropic foundation. In 2020 the foundation’s grantmaking more than doubled to $400 million. And this organization is a major supporter of Feeding America. They also give support to causes that affordable housing. During COVID-19 they shifted their priorities for relief during the pandemic. Even though they have donated $1.84 billion it is more than half of what they have.

Writing a letter to Millionaires who help people in need

As you read that there are lots of millionaires and billionaires who give away money to help needy people. However, you can contact them when you need help with money. You can contact them via different ways like their social media accounts, by mail, fax, on their website, by filling out an application form, and by various other ways.

Not only this, but one can also write a letter to ask for help from them. But when you write a letter to them you have to keep one thing in your mind those millionaires and billionaires give away money to people for their publicity and popularity.

While writing the letter you have to make sure that at the start of the letter you have to mention your problems like you need money to pay off your bills, or something other. After that, you have to mention the amount that you need for this, but keep one thing that you don’t be greedy for asking for money. In the end, you have to mention how that amount will bring a difference in your life or how much help it will be for you. So that those philanthropists will also understand your need and stand for you to offer help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and answers are mentioned that can help people know about Philanthropists who give money away for helping individuals and families. So, read continue and get help.

Who will give money for free ?

There are many World’s most generous people that give away or donate their money for needy and low income people. Chuck Feeney, Karen and Jon Huntsman, Gordon and Betty Moore, Eli and Edythe Broad, Irwin and Joan Jacobs, Bill & Melinda Gates, Warren Buffett Are the some of the popular name, that give free money.

How do you ask a philanthropist for money?

if you want to ask help from philanthropist for money, you can not reach them directly. but still you can mail them, you can call their office to deliver your message.

Is writing a letter to philanthropists helpful to get financial help?

You can write a letter to philanthropists to get help from them with money. You can mention your problems in your letter and also mention how their help can change your life. So they can understand how much their help can make difference in your life and they will be ready to help you. Thus, you will find writing a letter is too much helpful to get financial help.

How can I ask for help from millionaires?

You can contact millionaires to get help with money, or any other thing that you need. You can contact them by their websites, by their running programs, by calling them, by writing a letter, by their social media accounts, or can choose other ways as well. You can tell them why you need their help and how their help brings a big change in their life. So, they will feel grateful that they help you and it works for you.

Does wealthy people willing to help those in need?

Undoubtedly, lots of billionaires come forward to help needy people. As you see in the above that various billionaires are ready to help needy people and not only do they offer help with money but help them with education, and lots of other things as well. They offer them help with their different programs or different ways. So that people will get help with ease and don’t need to suffer more to get help from them.

Why are philanthropists ready to give away money?

As you see that various philanthropists are ready to give away their money to needy people. But it does not mean that every philanthropist is kind-hearted and wants to help other people. Because many philanthropists just offer their help to people because they want to get publicity and popularity. That’s why they are ready to offer help with money to needy people.

The bottom line

Therefore, to earn money giveaways where strings are not attached to them you can choose any of the above-mentioned methods to earn free money. These methods are considered the best after doing a lot of research these methods find helpful everyone that will help everybody out there resolving the issue of their money problems. And you can ask for money and help by using steps like keep in touch with them and get on her show and you also make good relationship with them or do good behavior then you can easily get help. So, to get free money or you want a home, good education from her you can give a try of any mention these steps.


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