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I need 10000 dollars now how can i get $10000

i need 10000 dollars now, how can i get $10000 ,today in this article we are sharing all the legit and easy ways to make 10000 dollars in a day or in a week as per your need,


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I need 10000 dollars now how can i get $10000
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I need 10,000 dollars now how can i get $10000 – Lots of people are facing financial problems in their life as they don’t have a job that can handle their expenditures or help them to manage their budget. That’s why they have to face various problems in their daily routine life and have to struggle with every small thing. Sometimes, they even cannot buy food for their family, when they do have not money. This makes them compelled to ask for help from others. But it is also not sure whether other people will help them or not. At that time they feel too much helpless and did not understand what to do to overcome that odd situation.

When they need money to pay for their kid’s education, for home rental, for monthly bills, or when an emergency comes in front of them they think about how I can arrange that amount however, “I need 10,000 dollars now.”

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Are you in need of 10,000?

Did you need $10,000, but couldn’t arrange it?

In that situation, one can look for sources that can help them to make money fast. Yes, various ways are available that can help a person to earn $10,000 fast and can handle their situation or overcome that odd or emergency time. To help those needy people, there are various ways or methods given below. These ways or methods are easy to use and to make money from them. One can read out those ways and get help on how they can make money fast when they need it.

So, read this article continue and look at new and amazing ways to get $10,000 now.


23 Easy Ways to Make $10,000 Fast

Here, if you all want to know what does it mean “To make money fast”? So, start reading this document and come to know about this statement. To make money fast means Yes, you can do it or even anyone can do it just in a week, in a month, or a year.

There are a lot of strategies that help you in making money faster. If you opt for these strategies then, you can make extra money which is $10,000 most importantly; you can achieve this in less than 3 months. You can do this by choosing any of the single methods that are explained here in this document or may choose 2 or 3 methods to earn $10,000 in less than 3 months. A bundle of ideas is available here.  The amount of earnings depends on your dedication and willingness to achieve the goal or hustle. If you go all-in with some of these strategies, you could reach your goal of earning $10,000 within the weeks.

The strategies that are covered are for earning this much amount are considered best to make extra money, especially for those who are having free time and want to utilize it, and for those who don’t want to go outside to earn with these strategies they can work from home as well and those who are having a regular full-time job can also opt for these strategies to earn passive income.

Anyone can hit the jackpot and get rich overnight with speculative cryptocurrency or stock market investments, but this way of earning isn’t considered safe for everyone, and most people don’t have any knowledge about these markets.

Instead of these markets, here this document focuses on low-risk money-making strategies or opportunities that you can do along or outside your full-time job. Each income stream is subject to income taxes, so don’t forget this factor too.

So let’s start with the strategies this document covers 23 strategies for making money.

  1. Rent out Your Home Space and get $10,000 monthly

Renting out your own home space is one of the best ways to earn extra money. If you don’t mind jamming your house full of strangers and their stuff, renting out your space can be an easy way to boost your income.

According to All the Rooms Analytics, the average Airbnb private room in the U.S. costs $64 per night in the year 2020. This cost is very good that they charged and earned for the room that normally sits empty. You can also utilize your empty room and earn this amount. You have one more option to earn from renting if you are willing to experience temporary discomfort to reach your income goal faster, then you could rent out your whole house and may live in an RV or a friend’s couch till your income gets a boost.

According to the data, in 2020, the average rental price of a room per night in the U.S. was $193. So, according to that you only need to spend 52 nights renting your home and may stay in the RV or on a friend’s couch to earn $10,000. It’s not too long to stay in an RV on a friend’s couch.  Before accepting guests, you can check this guide to renting out a room in your house legally.

Hosting guests is not the only way to earn with your property. There are other several ways are also available that you can look for. With, you can rent your empty basement as well for the purposes like inventory space for a small business or you can turn your backyard into a parking lot for RVs and boats. So, you need to look for creative ideas to earn by using your own space.  Recently, some people are hunting for long-term storage space for their camper van in Los Angeles, where the average 10-by-20-foot parking space cost is $254 per month and vehicle. This cost is very good you can also earn that with the help of your backyard. There is one person who is listed with six vehicles jammed into their small fenced-in backyard. Therefore, you may also turn your backyard into an earning spot.

At $254 per month per vehicle, you can earn $5,000 in just three months. To earn $10,000 you can combine these two incomes (from Airbnb rental and and barely lift a finger. Other than checking people in and cleaning, renting your space is not time intensive or time-consuming. That means you can combine this work with other side hustles too to rack up your income even faster as anybody can give time to these activities easily.  Renting space is the most lucrative and a very easy source of generating a good amount of income. It is lucrative in big cities where demands outweigh supply. Some people need storage in small cities as well and if you offer a lower price than traditional storage units and parking garages, you can make a healthy income. Therefore, just by renting out your home space, you can earn a good amount of money along with your full-time jobs.

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  1. Earn $10,000 by Investing in Real Estate (Roofstock, Fundraise, etc.)

Investing in Real Estate is one of the ways to earn passive income. You might think investing in real estate requires significant capital, housing market knowledge, and risk. But that’s not always true as sometimes this information is not required and sometimes these are considered as most essential ones.

If you are not sure about the amount of knowledge you have then there are several sites available through which you can get all information about real estate. If you have a shortage of time to hunt for properties, then you can use real estate crowdfunding sites like Fundrise.

Fundrise is one of the most popular sites that pools investors’ money to buy real estate assets. If you invest in assets and purchase shares in any company then you can earn through foundations at the prices of assets and dividends and the growth of your shares. It allows you to start investing passively in real estate with as little as $500. There is no minimum and maximum limit on investing in it. Most importantly, it doesn’t take any time on your part; you can combine it with other active full-time or side jobs as well. If you could rather invest in something more tangible, you can find turnkey rental properties on platforms like Roofstock.

Roofstock is one of the best platforms that help you in finding the right investment properties through online mode. It takes all the hassle out of finding an investment property. You don’t need to go out searching for deals or spend time working on fixers-uppers. You can tour properties of every kind that many of which already have tenants and you can do this completely from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to go out.

Here, if you are confused over Fundraise and Roofstock then, you can compare both the sites or platforms with the help of this guide (Fundrise vs. Roofstock) and take a closer look including potential earnings from each. Therefore, you can give this strategy a try to earn money passively.

  1. Sell Unwanted Jewelry and get $10,000

Selling unwanted jewelry is also one of the best ways to earn a good amount with the stuff that you are not using. Just because you don’t wear it any longer doesn’t mean no one else will. There are a lot of markets available in your locality or area and of course, online for selling unused jewelry. Just with the right partner, that market is a lot bigger and a lot less local than you might think. This strategy is more suitable for those who are content creators, fashion bloggers, YouTubers, etc as they need a lot of different stuff like jewelry for their shoots and they don’t wear them regularly they need new and fresh stuff on daily basis.

There is a platform known as Worthy, a jewelry auction platform that makes it easy to sell unwanted rings, necklaces, watches, and other baubles without leaving home. To know-how, this platform works give it a read:-

  1. Prep Your Jewelry:- There are experienced, worthy, and certified geologists available. They give your items of jewelry a professional deep clean and take magazine-quality photos in preparation for listing. You don’t have to do anything. They will have your items graded by neutral, third-party jewelry too.
  2. Monitor your Auction:- On this platform, you have to list your jewelry for auction through online mode. There are a large number of jewelers available more than 1,000 professional jewelers and they access your listing. You are free to set a reserve price here to ensure your item won’t sell for less than you are willing to accept. So, you can set standards here as per your preferences. The Auction typically lasts 48 to 72 hours.
  3. Get Paid:- This is a great part where you can easily receive your income. If your items sell, you will get paid within four business days.

On Worthy, you will get paid only if your item is sold. It has an incentive to sell your items for fair value since its fees are based on your earnings which are anywhere from 10% to 18% of the final sale price, depending on the dollar amount.

Therefore, this is also one of the great ways to earn a sufficient amount of money.

  1. Earn $10,000 Teach Your Skills Privately to 

Teaching your skills privately is a great source of income. Teaching English is not the only way to trade skills for cash. You can teach anything in which you feel you are good enough. Teaching jobs include cooking, art, photography, tennis, graphic design, and many more. There are a lot of people around who are willing to pay a good amount to learn these skills. So, just by teaching others, you can able to earn a very good income. It only takes a handful of students to scale to $10,000. You can teach online as well as offline or you may take classes at your convenience. You can teach online through Outschool.

There are a lot of people around who are fitness enthusiasts and need some extra money or cash to fulfill their needs. So, one of them started giving group exercise classes in a park and charged $10 per class. This was a fun way of earning and the classes were a hit. After a month, when people started getting them they started running a pair of hour-long classes per day with 15 students in each class. Through this, they earned $300 per day just for two hours of work. This process continues and they were successful in attracting people to their classes. Fast forward three years, and now they run a successful gym. With this example, you can also motivate yourself to do something with the skills you already have.

The easiest place to find your first client is your current network, locality, and place. You can contact your friends and family as well to find your first client. If you are a charismatic teacher, like this fitness enthusiast guy, your classes might even grow on word of mouth alone. Therefore, this is also one of the famous strategies to earn money you can also give it a start to earn $10,000.

  1. earn $10,000 and Offer Freelance Writing Services

Freelance writing is also the fastest and best way to get a good amount of money. You don’t need to be a Shakespeare to make good money with freelance writing. Any halfway decent writer can do it. Freelance writing commonly involves writing blog posts for companies to publish on their website. But it could also include any type of written content that a business uses, from emails to brochures to e-books. Freelance writing work is good, especially for those who are having good English writing skills and those who want to give a start to their writing career, and those who are having a lot of free time want to utilize it in exchange for cash.

You don’t need any type of degree or any special qualification to become a freelance writer, but you have any writing experience or skills that will surely help you in earning effectively. If you have expertise or connections in a certain field, it’s easier to get your foot in the door and charge more. If you don’t have any skills or experience then start from scratch and work your way up the totem pole. It’s very easier than it sounds. Anybody who wants to utilize their free time can give this work a start.

Firstly, for this work you need a few writing samples to show off your chops to potential clients. Then, you can search for a writing job on freelancing platforms like Fiverr or Upwork to land your first few projects. After setting your portfolio you have to check and reach out to your network to see if anyone can connect you with someone who needs the writing help.

If you start your gigs by charging $100 per project, then you need to complete one project per day, and in the next 100 days, you will reach $10,000. It seems like a lot but the more you write, the faster you become. The earnings all depend upon your competencies and experience. With time you will learn a lot and may earn more.

As you build your portfolio and gather testimonials, you can increase your rates with every new client you land. Stick to this process, and you can gradually trade up those $100 projects for $1,000 projects. At that point, making an extra $10,000 is a doable thing in a matter of weeks.

  1. Make 10,000 dollars by Selling Your Stuff

Selling your stuff is also one of the best strategies to earn money. So, take a look around your house and garage and find out those things that you didn’t use in the past three months, and try not to miss anything that you may sell for cash.  Selling your stuff includes the drawer full of old iPhones, the fancy treadmill collecting dust, and the jet ski parked behind your garage that you take out once per year. By selling these none essential items that are not in use is one of the easiest ways to earn $10,000 fastly.

For selling stuff, there is a prescription that you should follow, and the process is very simple and is as follows:-

  1. Snap photos that show the product detailing to everyone at different angles.
  2. Write a compelling description including all the details that may be required to know about the product for a potential buyer.
  3. Post your item on online marketplaces like Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, or eBay.
  4. Response to the messages that you receive from the customers to arrange a sale.
  5. In the end, after arranging the sale, sell the item to the person or ship it.

The market places like Craigslist and Facebook marketplace work well for items of any size. If there is something that is easily shippable, you can reach potential buyers for that item outside your region by listing that item on eBay or you may add shipping on the Facebook marketplace too. These are the specifications for these marketplaces.

If your house is full of valuable items that are not in the use and you are willing to sell them, then you could hit $10,000 in a matter of days. If not, you can combine this idea with other side hustle strategies to reach your goal faster.

  1. Create an Agency and make $10,000 fast

The agency model is similar to freelancing but without an income cap. As a freelancer, your income maxes out with the number of projects you can fit into each day. If you create an agency rather than doing freelance work and outsource all your projects, here you limit your income only by the number of deals you can close.

As an agency head, you are working as a middleman, so your goal is to maximize your margins. Maximization of margins means offering a premium service to your clients, then hiring freelancers on two websites including Upwork and Fiverr. You are hiring those freelancers who are willing to do the work. Popular agency services include search engine optimization (SEO), graphic designs, and custom animated videos.

These agency services all have high perceived value, so to control your cost and maximize your profits you can outsource them at affordable rates. For example, if you charged $2,500 for animated video work in your business, and outsourced the same for $500 then, you only need 10 sales to reach your $10,000 goal which is a very good option. Therefore, by creating an agency you can earn a good amount of income easily. So, give this strategy a try.

  1. Make $10,000 by offering Freelance Other Skills

If writing is not your taste or forte, you can freelance any skill or service others need help with. You can sell any skills that you may have to earn money. The list of other skills that may award you a good amount of money as a freelancer is as follows:-

  • Photography
  • Graphic design
  • Consulting
  • Translation
  • Voiceover acting
  • Illustrating
  • Modeling
  • Programming
  • Tutoring
  • Personal training

So, this is a list of skills or services you may choose from these skills according to your expertise to earn money.

If there’s a service people pay for, you can freelance it. If you want to make $10,000 fast, then you can choose any of the work from the list or a high-demand service that you already know how to do it. If, you choose any of the activities that require learning the new skills from scratch takes too much of your time. It is similar to freelance writing, the easiest way to get your foot in the door and gain experience is to first offer your service to people you know. Therefore, this is the best way to earn money online from the comfort of your home.

To know more about freelancing jobs and to find more jobs you can check on popular freelancing websites.

  1. Rent Your Car to Rideshare Drivers

Renting your car to rideshare drivers is also the best way to earn money. Don’t let your extra vehicle sit unused collecting dust. Instead, put it to work for you. Several companies in the market connect car owners with rideshare drivers who need a car. These companies include HyreCar and Turo. You’re earning here in this strategy depends on your vehicle, location, and how often you rent your car. But one of the companies named HyreCar claims the average user can earn up to $12,000 per year from renting the vehicle.

Although it’s not instant riches, rating out your car is an easy way to make extra money or a passive income of $10,000 per year, or maybe more than that. You could combine this strategy of earning with other side business ideas to reach your goal or objective faster.

You could take it a step further to earn.  You must know that each car could pay you $12,000 in a year itself from renting it out. You could scour Craigslist for good deals too and can buy a fleet of cars to get them out. With a fleet of four cars, you can earn $1,000 per month from each car and this will surely help you in hitting $10,000 in less than 90 days. So, this strategy may work well for you to earn extra money in your spare time.

  1. Drive for Uber or Lyft in extra time to earn $10,000

Driving for ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft is one of the easiest ways to earn extra cash on the side. To do this work you only need these things:-

  • A smartphone
  • An eligible car
  • A driver’s license
  • Personal insurance
  • A clean criminal record
  • A relatively clean driving record

To earn from the drive for Uber or Lyft you only need the above-prescribed things.

Rideshare earnings are complicated to calculate. Because calculation depends on various factors such as your location, the number of hours you work, the time of the day you work, surge pricing, trip lengths, and tips. Then you must consider the factors that occurred in driving expenses like gas prices, car maintenance, and insurance costs.

To give a rough estimate, Glassdoor pegs the average Uber driver’s salary at $16 per hour. This is a very decent rate and at this rate, you also can buckle down and if you drive for seven hours per day for the next three months, you could hit $10,000 surely.

Even if you only squeeze your earnings of der hours of driving per day, then you come to know that you can still generate a hefty chunk of change that moves you closer to your financial goals or objectives. Therefore to earn a good amount you can give this strategy a try if you have the things that are being prescribed above.

  1. Deliver Packages and Food and make $10,000

If you don’t like the idea of carting strangers around as a rideshare driver, you can also earn extra cash with your car by making deliveries. You can use your car for deliveries as well. This work is also very simple and great in the sense of earning a good amount of money.

Amazon Flex is one of the best programs that offer freelance deliveries to deliver packages to needy ones in their free time. If you feel you have a lot of free time and you want to convert that time into earnings then deliveries are the best option. Amazon reports that most delivery drivers from this work can earn between $18 to $26 per hour and the earning is fully dependent upon the working hours that you devote to it. This Amazon program is currently available in over 50 U.S. cities. To start this work all you need to start is a driver’s license, a smartphone, and a mid-sized or larger vehicle.

Some other apps are also available through which you can earn a good amount and accomplish your goal of $10,000 just nu delivering food. These apps include UberEats, DoorDash, and GrubHub.

The food delivery pay rate may vary with several factors including location, tips, and in-app promotions. According to DoorDash, Dashers earned an average of $36 per hour delivering in California’s Bay Area in January 2021. But don’t expect these same earnings everywhere as they may vary according to the area, location, people, taste, etc. According to Glassdoor, the overall average rate is $16 per hour for deliveries. Despite these variances, making deliveries is the flexible and easiest way to squeeze more and more earnings into your free time every day.

If you are confused about choosing the right platform for the delivery of food, you can check this guide on working for DoorDash vs. GrubHub. After going through this guide, you will surely get a fair idea about the delivery platform.

  1. Rent Your RV to Campers and earn money from it

Ever since the pandemic of covid-19 threw a wrench into international travel, camping exploded in popularity. If you have an RV that sits unused most of the year then you can use them and make a lot of money from them just by renting them out. There are several platforms available in the market through which you can rent your RV out. These platforms include Outdoorsy and RVshare. Your earnings on this platform completely depend upon your location, rental demand, and the size and condition of your RV. Bit, according to the platform RVshare, you could earn up to:-

  • $60,000 per year for a Class A motor home
  • $30,000 per year for a Class B motor home
  • $38,000 per year for a Class C motor home
  • $22,000 per year for a fifth-wheel trailer
  • $22,000 per year for a toy hauler (an RV with a “garage”)
  • $22,000 per year for a pop-up camper

So, this is the earning chart that explains your earnings by using this strategy. Of course, you still have to pay for the RV maintenance, insurance, and any financing and storage cost that arise in your RV. If you already have an RV sitting outside, you still have to these maintenance expenses for your RV.

Both the platforms that are explained here, Outdoorsy and RVshare let you list your RV for free and take a small cut of your earnings. If you feel uneasy and unsafe about letting strangers drive your RV, you could also park it next to your house and rent it out on Airbnb. You may also use Airbnb to rent out your RV as this is also the best site.

  1. Earn Commissions through Referral Marketing

This is also one of the most popular ways to make money. Many companies offer referral marketing programs that pay you for every new customer you bring in their doors.  It’s a win-win strategy for everyone. As in this strategy, three parties will get benefits. Firstly, the new customer gets their problem solved. Secondly, the company gets business as they can serve customers, and thirdly, you get a cut of it means for referring customers to the company you will get a commission as a middleman.

To make $10,000 quickly, you could have to promote high-value services. For example, there is a company named Renaissance Roofing Inc. that offers $100 for every referral customer who sends over $2,500 on a roofing job.  If you set up referral agreements with companies offering high-ticket services across various industries, you can hunt for people who need those services.

Here in this strategy, you essentially work as an informal salesman working on commission. The earning completely depends upon the referrals that you generate to the companies, the more you refer the more you earn and may hit $10,000 fastly.  Therefore, if you want to make money then this referral work is best as you don’t have to do anything in this except refer someone. This is the easiest way to make money.

  1. Take Advantage of Retail Arbitrage to make money

Retail arbitrage means the buying of underpriced products and then reselling them for a profit. Through this, you will surely earn a good amount. It can take many forms but commonly entails searching for clearance deals at retail stores, thrift stores, and wholesale websites, then reselling them on Amazon or eBay. Amazon and eBay are the best sites for reselling items as they offer good prices for the items through which you can earn a good amount.

To succeed, you need to flip the items with high-demand items that offer proven margins. With the high-demand items, you may earn more as compared to less demanded items. Both these factors are easy to determine with a quick product search on Amazon. Many retail arbitrage sellers stick to items that cost only from $10 to $40. This sweet range of cost allows sellers to buy inventory in bulk as you can save yourself with stock-out situations and can earn enough margins to make it worthwhile. It is purely true that the higher your margins, the fewer flips you need to need $10,000 in profit.

One of the best examples of arbitrage with high margins is car flipping. To make $10,000 from car flipping you have to find five undervalued used cars. You can find these cars on Craigslist and then, you can flip them for $2,000 profit each. So, it is the easiest and fastest way to get $10,000. Sometimes, retail arbitrage can be risky, especially when you are learning the ropes. If you mistakenly invest in a product which is having very low demand in the market, so here your capital freezes with an inventory. Because products that are having low demand are hard to sell in the market. This will leads to loss rather than profit.

For more tips on how to get started with this strategy, you can read this guide to making money with retail arbitrage. After reading this, you will get a full idea that whether you have to invest your money and time into it or not.

  1. Teach English Online to make $10,000 in extra time

Teaching English online is also a great source of generating income. If you are a native English speaker, there are millions of people around the world who would be happy to give you for learning English. There are various platforms available in the market through which you can start teaching online and can make $10,000 easily and quickly. The most popular platforms are as follows: VIPKid, Education First, QKids, and Palfish. Before starting working anywhere you must know about the requirements of that job as this will help you in better performance. The requirements of each platform may differ from each other. But some common requirements are as follows:-

  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification (you can get this certificate or complete this through Premier TEFL). This certification is a must for English tutors.
  • A Bachelor’s degree in any subject.
  • Experience working with children.
  • Nationality from certain English-speaking countries.

Some platforms don’t demand these skills or requirements as they only require you to be a native speaker. For example, there is one platform named Skima Talk. You can teach here without any bachelor’s degree, TEFL certification, or experience with children.

But if you have enough qualifications and experience then it will be easier for you to find better-paying opportunities. If to establish your batter career you can invest in a comprehensive TEFL training program that will surely sharpen your teaching skills, which will be appreciated by your future students.

Your pay rates depend upon the platforms you choose for working and any bonuses they offer. Teaching through VIPKid, you can earn up to $22 per hour. If you ramp up yourself for a full-time teaching schedule, you could tally $10,000 by the end of three months. This will go to be great for those who want to establish their career as a teacher. They can give this platform a chance to start their teaching journey. Even teaching a few hours per day pushes you to reach your goal. And in the market, because many platforms target Chinese children that are living in the China Standard Time Zone, you can squeeze in your part-time classes early in the morning before starting your day job. It will help you in generating extra income along with your full-time job.

Once you gain confidence, you can earn even faster are more by recruiting private students directly and cutting out the middleman too. By cutting down the middleman you will be able to earn more. 

  1. Earn Commission through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also one of the best ways to earn money online as affiliate marketing is the digital version of referral marketing. It involves a unique tracking link that you have to use to promote a product or service. If, someone clicks or uses your link to purchase items this will add to your earnings in the form of a commission.

In affiliate marketing, there is one advantage that you don’t need to directly interact with your referral, and with this advantage, it is easier to scale. For example, you can do affiliate marketing with the help of Youtube too. You could create a Youtube channel and may post videos that consist of the reviews of products you love or products that are in high demand in the market. You can add your affiliate link in the description of your video and after watching your video when anyone clicks that link for purchasing the items it means that person will turn into your potential referral, whether you know them personally or not. And the commission of that referral will add to your earnings.

Commissions add up fast when you promote high-ticket items, especially digital products that offer generous commission rates. For example, if you promote an online course that costs $1,000 and offers a 50% of affiliate commission. So, here you could only need to get 20 people to sign up through your link to hit your $10,000 goal or objective.

Affiliate marketing is easier for bloggers, podcasters, and social media influencers who have a large number of followers and subscribers to promote products too. It is one of the most popular ways to earn a good amount of amount or monetize a following.

But if you work hard to connect with potential referrals, then you don’t need an established audience to earn with affiliate marketing.

Therefore, affiliate marketing is very famous nowadays and even a lot of institutes and universities offer courses to their students that are based on affiliate marketing to make them understand the concept and be capable to earn in the future.

  1. To make 10,000 dollars fast Open an Online Store

In today’s era, the online system is at its peak as in every field online systems are available from studies to banking to shopping. With today’s technology opening an online store is easier than ever, it does not require any type of advanced technical skills. The best advantage of an online business is your customer base is not limited by geography. You can sell your products worldwide too. The most important thing about online business is you have to set that type of trick that helps you in getting in front of the customers. Without a physical storefront to draw people in, an effective marketing plan is essential. Without an effective marketing plan, nobody knows that you exist. To gain more and more customers you can choose a DIY marketing approach and can sell products off your website or on social media channels.

There are many platforms available through which you can attract customers or can create a strong base of customers. Etsy and Amazon are one of them. You can open your store on Etsy or Amazon which already has millions of shoppers. If this is your first rodeo, it’s the easiest to test the waters on a proven shopping platform, even if it means giving up a slice of your earnings.

Fulfilled by Amazon is an I’m awesome platform to sell your stuff online. One popular online store model takes advantage of the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) services. With the Amazon FBA model, you can list your products on Amazon and can store your inventory at their warehouses. Whenever someone buys your stuff online, Amazon fulfills the order and ships your product on your behalf and you will get paid.

But starting an Amazon FBA business requires a fair amount of upfront work and a little bit of your time includes market research, product sourcing, and a product launch plan. But once everything is up and running from your end then your head trick work is over. Now Amazon will do all the heavy lifting work and you will earn relatively passive income.

In this strategy, your earrings will depend on your margins. For example, if you pocket $15 per sale after accounting for all your expenses. Then you could need to sell an average of 7.4 units per day for only 90 days to earn $10,000. Therefore, to reach your goal you can give this strategy a chance.

  1. Create an Online Course and sell it for $10,000

By creating online courses you can earn a great amount of money nowadays because after the pandemic online classes, online teaching, and online courses are at their peak. Private lessons are a great way to trade your knowledge for extra income, but there is a limit to the number of students you can fit in each day. To scale and earn, organize your knowledge into an online course. Your online courses will help students. The main advantage of online courses is you don’t need to be present to earn money.   It requires only front-loaded efforts to create from your end. After all this setup, you earn passive income in your sleep. There are a lot of online teaching platforms available in the market and one of the platforms named Teachable, where you can create and sell professional-looking courses without any special tech skills.

If you are capable to sell your courses for $200 per course and can earn then you could only need to find 50 buyers to reach the goal or objective of $10,000. On some platforms, finding buyers for your courses is the most challenging part. Creating an online course is not a build-it-and-they-will-come type of deal. You have to market yourself effectively to gain buyers.

If after making a lot of effort you don’t get the audience to sell your courses, you can borrow someone else’s audience with a similar interest. For example, if you create a training program that helps athletes increase their vertical jump, you could drum up business by:-

  • Offering a free sample of your training to high school sports teams
  • Sharing vertical jump tips on a podcast that targets athletes
  • Creating YouTube videos with free tips

To attract more and more people to your courses you have to find creative and effective ways to put yourself in front of a large audience of potential buyers. You can offer your online courses as a lower-priced alternative to one on one coaching sessions. Through this strategy, you can attract more students or buyers. Therefore, it is also one of the best strategies to earn passively as well as a full-time income.

  1. Offer Virtual Assistant Services and collect money for up to $10,000 easily

A virtual assistant is also the best way to earn side income. A virtual assistant (VA) is a digital sidekick for busy business owners. As a virtual assistant, you can either offer generalized services or specific services.

Cerebral virtual assistants take basic tasks off the client’s plate, such as email inbox management, data entry, file organization, and document formatting. These are the tasks that anyone can do with basic tech skills or knowledge. Anyone can earn a good amount of side income with these works. These works are good, especially for students who want to earn to fulfill their necessities and housewives who want to earn money by utilizing their spare time.

Specialized virtual assistants are experts in one specific aspect of the field of their client’s business, like SEO, Pinterest, Graphic Design, or Social Media. Businesses that are activities are much diversified and work with multiple virtual assistants to assist with all the activities, they may even hire a Head virtual assistant (VA) to manage all the virtual assistant activities in the company.

Pay as a virtual assistant depends on the skills you bring to the table. The more skills you have you can offer unique values to the companies and can earn more. There is a website named ZipRecruiter, which offers $32 per hour of working as a virtual assistant for average work from home and this is a very good amount as from this you can fulfill your earnings goals. Just by logging in a few hours of work on nights and weekends, you can make a sizeable dent in your $10,000 goal, and if you do this work as a full-time job then, you may earn much more than your objective.

Therefore, this site is one of the most flexible sites that offer work-from-home jobs and you can do these jobs without any special skills. If you feel confident that you have the capability of doing an email inbox or Word document then you can find a virtual assistant job easily. 

  1. Start a Manual Labor Side Hustle to earn money rapidly

If making money online sounds too technical for you as in our surrounding there are a lot of people present that doesn’t like online work and don’t have that much knowledge to perform online work. So, here you can also make $10,000 with the help of the old-fashioned way by using your hands.

You can find manual labor gigs easily through the platforms like TaskRabbit and HomeGuide.  These platforms connect handy people to clients who need help with their projects around your house or locality.

For example, on the platform namely TaskRabbit, the average painting projects pay from $118 to $200. Many freelancers also offer painting services and they charge $50 per hour or maybe more than that. If you took on a $150 task after your work each day, then you could make an extra $10,000 in less than 70 days which is awesome.

But one more thing with TaskRabbit is that it pockets 15% of the project fee. So, if you feel confident about finding your clients off-platform rather than on these online platforms, you can even earn more as you are free to set your prices according to your services. Here, you don’t need special handyman skills to earn as a manual labor freelancer.

For example, the average day walker charges $20 per 30 minutes walk, this amount is according to the platform HomeGuide. If you work for your neighborhood go to the dog walker, and if you are going on four 30-minutes walks per day, walk three dogs at a time. This not only could you earn over $100 per hour, but you could also save a trip to the gym too which is a very good thing. Therefore, to earn more extra you can give this strategy a try.

  1. Volunteer for Clinical Trials and earn $10,000

With the Clinical Trials, you may also earn a good amount of money. You can earn surprisingly well here by volunteering yourself as a human lab rat. The pay rates in the clinical trials may depend on the level of risks involved in it. Paid clinical trial and medical research studies base their rate on the risk involved. You may expect and even receive higher pay for the treatments that are less understandable and requires more effort and timing from your end.

Clinical trials can be hard to find. Most require you to have a certain medical condition that the researcher is trying to cure. To find the best clinical trial center you may use the Centre for information and Study on Clinical Research Participation search tool to find the clinical trial you qualify for. Other than this one, the paid research studies need healthy test subjects. For example, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) runs studies paying healthy aeronauts like individuals to lay in bed for months at a time to study the effects of weightlessness.

If you speak German and want to make $13,000 from bed, NASA is recruiting participants for their next 30-day bed rest study in Germany. It’s a great opportunity to earn $10,000 or more than that just from bed. This work is good, especially for those who are having a keen interest in science and have the caliber to explore more in science and want to earn money in this field. For more paid clinical trial ideas, you can follow up with this guide on ways to make money with medical research studies. This will surely help you in finding a good job with high salary rates.

If you are the one who doesn’t mind the term parting with your plasma, sperm, or eggs then this strategy of earning will surely be your cup of tea. Here, just by donating your plasma, sperm, or eggs, you can make more money than any other activity or strategy. Pat rates in this plasma donation work depend on the donation center and current promotions as rates may vary according to the center area location etc. The new donors may earn more in this work as compared to regular ones. There is a site named BioLife Plasma Services, where new donors can earn up to $900 in their first month of donating plasma and all. But you have to donate twice a week.

If you are a qualified sperm donor, you can earn up to $1,000 per month or maybe more depending on the sperm bank you work with as there is a lot of flexibility in the rates according to the banks. Here, you may hit $10,000 with just one egg donation cycle. There is one more program that is a private egg donor program named Bright Expectations, which offers more rates per cycle as compared to other ones. It offers $8,000 to $10,000 per cycle. The exact timeline varies depending on the company you use. But with a Bright Expectation, it takes two or three months and six to eight months, for doctor appointments. If this work is your cup of tea then you can earn well here.

  1. Lend Money to Others and get money for $10,000

This is one of the easiest ways to make money as you can lend money to others to full fill your on-the-spot demand or need. There are various options available to lend money in the market, especially banks. Banks make their money lending money, and so can you. One of the easiest ways to start is through peer-to-peer (P2P) lending networks like Prosper or LendingClub. These two networks are the popular ones for lending money.

These networks connect you with individuals and businesses looking for loans. You can also review each project here, to know the amount of risk involved in it and then make a decision accordingly. You can contribute as little as $25 to the loan pool.

That means instead of putting all your eggs in one basket and lending $1,000 to one person, you could diversify that $1,000 up among 40 separate loans to minimize the risk. In this strategy, diversification is very important as lending involves a high degree of risk. By diversification, you can control it to some extent. It balances your lending amount.

Each P2P lending network has its own set of requirements, loan types, rates, fees, and minimum investments. Before lending, you have to complete the requirements. You can find these details on the two renowned platforms namely Prosper review and Lending Club Review. These platforms will guide you popularly over the requirements of lending. Your earnings in this strategy depend on the loans you choose to invest in. The riskier the loan, the potential of the rate of return is also higher. (Higher risk leads to the generation of higher income, the lower the risk, the lower the income). While yields vary, Prosper reports a 5.5% average historical return on their loans. This includes the 1% annual service fee they charge on all outstanding loan principles. To bypass fees and keep all earnings for yourself, you can skip the P2P networks and find people to lend to directly.

For example, you can lend money to well-connected relatives, family, or friends who use the money to fund higher-yielding investments. As with any unsecured loan, this is very risky, so only lend to the people who you trust to pay you back. Therefore this is also a good way to earn instant cash.

By reading these 23 strategies, you may get a fair idea of earning money in your passive time, or maybe you can earn through opt any of these strategies for full time. You may choose any of these strategies for earning $10,000 according to your preferences, capabilities, and competencies. Links are also attached in this document with each strategy to know more you can go through those links as well and you will get a fair idea about what you may search for. Most importantly, don’t completely rely on the information that is available here as you should conduct your research.

Frequently Asked questions

Some recently asked questions are mentioned here that are asked by people who need 10,000 dollars now to pay for rent, or other emergencies. So, you can read these questions and answers too to get help to know how you will get $10,000 fast.

How one can make money by playing online games?

On the online platform, various sites are available that offer money to play games with them. One can look for legit sites and sign up with them to play games and earn money from them. By playing games, one can make money fast. However, you can play games with those sites when you want. You can play games online day or night and can get your cash by PayPal account which is the secure way. That means you can play games with ease online and earn money from them as well.

Is it possible to make $10,000 by taking online surveys?

Yes, one can make $10,000 by taking online surveys. It is because many sites are available that can provide the feature of taking paid surveys. One can take those surveys online and get money from them. One can take surveys that are ranged from $5 to $200. The best thing about those surveys is they are just about 10 to 20 minutes, so if you take a survey for $50 then you will get 100 dollars to 150 dollars in an hour easily. Thus it is too much easy to make 10,000 dollars by taking online surveys.

How much is it helpful to earn $10,000 by teaching kids online?

If you have good English speaking skills then you can teach kids online. Nowadays, English is the most commonly spoken language that everyone uses to talk with each other. That’s why parents try that their kids learn English as soon as possible so that in the future they did not face any problems. For this, they look for online English classes for their kids, so that kids join those classes and learn from there. So, you can become an online English tutor for kids and also sell your courses for it. You can also upload your videos and notes on different social media accounts so that more people or kids connect with you and you will get more money from them. This will help you to make $10,000 within a month easily.

Is renting out a car helpful to earn money?

Yes, you can rent out your car and earn some passive income from this. If you have a car, but you don’t use it more, then you can rent it out. You can rent out your car to strangers for driving or can give your car for rent on an hourly basis with Uber or Lyft. This is the best way to earn money because your car will stay in working mode and also you will get money by renting it. You can also drive the car in your spare time to make money. By this, you will get help to collect $10,000 easily.

Can I drive for Uber or Lyft for earning 10,000 dollars?

If you need $10,000 but did not get any source to make money then you can drive for Uber or Lyft. When you have a car and you also have free time then you can utilize both for earning money. You can sign up with Uber or Lyft online and send your car’s details to them. If your car is in working condition then you can work with them and drive for them. However, you will get paid by them on an hourly basis. But the tips you will get from passengers it is completely yours. Thus, you will get some extra income as well that can help you to get $10,000 fast.

Can I make money by delivering packages for Amazon?

If you have a vehicle that is good for delivery packages then you can do work for Amazon. You can see that Amazon is the online platform from where one can order anything that they need, whether it is electronics, toys, kitchenware, furniture, groceries, or other anything. That’s why people order from Amazon more online, thus you can deliver packages for Amazon to customers’ doorstep or other places and make money for that work. Because Amazon gives a good amount for delivering packages.

The bottom line

Now, you get all information on how you will get $10,000 fast when you need it. You can see that you can become a virtual assistant, be a petsitter, or babysitter, or can do delivery services like food delivery, grocery delivery, and other product delivery. Not only this, but one can become an online tutor, can do freelancing work, rent out their stuff, sell their unwanted stuff, take online surveys, and do various other things to earn money fast. All these ways are proven to make $10,000 fastly in your need. Apart from this, one can take a personal loan as well in just a few minutes and get rid of their all problems in just a few seconds. So, you can use the above-mentioned ways to earn $10,000 in your need.


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